Rutilated Quartz

One of our favorite stones is rutilated quartz;
we adore working with it as you can notice in our different lines.

Rutilated quartz, also known as Angel’s Hair, is a type of transparent quartz with needle like inclusions. These inclusions have a bright golden shimmer.

The rutile needles form lovely patterns like miniature sculptures.
Each stone is unique and cannot be compared to another one,
it’s like wearing your own exclusive little piece of art.

Rutilated quartz is known to be energizing and is good for mental focus and clarity.

Rutilated quartz combines very well with black, white or grey mother of pearl. Wearing such combinations will bring a smile on your face.

Those pieces can be worn casually during the day or shining through the night. Wear this stone and you may feel as if nothing is impossible. Rutilated quartz is always a good idea.

Also beautiful when combined with other gemstones
such as blue agate, jadeite and orange agate.
Mix and match according to your mood, your taste and your personality.
Whatever you choose, the result will always be precious and incomparable.