In 2012, the first granddaughter of Laurence was born,  Milla.  At the same time we launched a jewelry line which was named after her. Milla has grown up into a  very tender, sensitive and romantic girl. And this is exactly how we would describe this collection. 



Birth of the second granddaughter Lilly led to the creation of the LILLY BLOOM collection. The prototype of the big Lilly Bloom  ring in rutile quartz is for her when she turn 18. And again, we find the same coincidence as Lilly’s personality is the perfect description of the jewel.  Lilly is exuberant, cheerful and has a lot of audacity. 

Plus, she shines!



Laurence got her inspiration for the new CHLOÉ collection from the atmosphere of the seventies, the years of her own youth. She named the collection after her youngest daughter because with Chloé she wants to tell a story about mothers and daughters. The round, explosive and irregular shapes are a reference to the unpredictable and unexpected nature of life itself.