No better shapes than natural shapes to wear on your body.
They are so amazingly comfortable that you won’t want to take them off.
That is why Bigli sought inspiration in the beauty of nature for
the new Mini Leaves collection. 

Mini Leaves_sfeer_1

Leaves seduce, always, everywhere. Covered in a coat of frost in winter,
budding in spring or as a part of a stunning colour palette in the fall …
Even a dry leaf has some magic about it.
With the new Mini Leaves collection Bigli tries to capture
this magic in gold and diamond.

The wonderful leaf shapes do not only perfectly reflect the light;
they are also a nice addition to the existing Mini Waves collection.
The identical waving shape makes it possible to combine
the jewels from the Waves and Mini Waves collection;
the Leaves and the Mini Leaves collection. 

A large or small circle? A large or small leaf?
Mix and match the different items of the Mini Waves or Mini Leaves collection
and make your personal combination. The round shapes merge into one.

Everything matches nicely and adds a sparkle to your day.