BIGLI’s ‘Bright Eyes’ for twenty years of brightness

Belgian jewellery brand BIGLI is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, and Laurence and Thierry, the inspiring forces behind BIGLI, want to celebrate with a very limited edition of exceptional rings: ‘Bright Eyes’.

Three versions

The ‘Bright Eyes’ are available in stylish deep black (onyx), brilliant clear white (cogolin) and beautiful soft green (jade). Just like with other BIGLI collections these rings were made of gems and 18 carat gold of exceptional quality. The softly undulating, irregularly cut shape of the pure gems is a sample of sublime craft.

Double anniversary 

Every collection launched to date by Laurence and Thierry from BIGLI tells something about their own life. That hasn’t changed.

Laurence: “The idea originated with the desire to not only celebrate the 20th anniversary of BIGLI but also my own 50th birthday. The rings became a reflection of my state of mind at this moment in my life. The shape is more than the result of a search for beauty. In their irregularity they project exactly how fascinating the flow of life can be. And, there’s the big rocks, eye-catching statement rings which symbolise that you can be simultaneously strong and yet sensitive in your approach to life. That the wisdom you acquired can give you so much positive energy. That you know that you are not perfect, but that there is so much that makes life simply fantastic. The combination of all these feelings together can often be seen in the special brightness in the eyes of women aged fifty. Full of fire, full of provocation, but also so beautiful and fragile. That is why: Bright Eyes.” 

Bright Eyes Limited Edition is launched in three versions, onyx, cogolin and jade, 20 numbered rings of each. A personal text can be engraved on request. 

Shine on, with BIGLI!