Bigli’s most iconic collection, is more successful than ever.
To celebrate its 10th birthday, we have created three new colors.

Two precious stones, classic Emerald and elegant Sapphire, have been given a modern twist, and the magnificent Tiger eye feels warm and sensual.

Sapphire Dream

Sapphire Dream is made out of sapphire and rock crystal.
The bright blue sets off especially well against the rock crystal,
deepening the overall hue. 

Emerald Green

 The use of the ingenious layering technique that has made BIGLI famous since its early days, allows unique emeralds to be combined with rock crystal, giving this classic gemstone a modern twist. This is how the new ‘Emerald Green’ color was created. This exceptional color, which evokes fresh and green forest airs, also pairs perfectly with many other colors of the BIGLI color palette. 

Pure Tiger Eye

Another eye-catcher in the collection is undoubtedly the ‘Tiger Eye’ natural stone. Each tiger eye is unique in terms of pattern and markings; and the stone also has an unparalleled depth. Mini Sweety’s recognizable simple, round cut really does justice to the golden-brown, flame-like patterns. Combined or alone,
Tiger eye’ is a mesmerizing stone that will continue to fascinate even
the most spoiled colored-stone lover. 

With over 50 exclusive colors all made from natural stones, the range is full of exciting combinations to delight our many collectors. The possibilities are endless, just like our enthusiasm, imagination and passion.